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Jaco, Kiwi, Punky and Punker'n
Jaco is a lovely African gray Parrot who shares her home with Kiwi a white Fronted Amazon and 2 cockatiels named Punky and Punker'n, and a dog named Turbo Turid.
The Three Cockatiels
Our household happily consits of four humans and three cockatiels. The birds -- Timmy, Rio, and Stewart -- keep our home lively and full of interesting conversation.

Bando the Bull
Hi! My name is Nick. This bull you see me riding is my family’s “pet” bull. He may look vicious, weighing in at over 1700 pounds, but really he is quite the good guy.

My Buddy Sky
HI! My name is Josh. Here is a picture of me and my buddy Sky the dog. Sky is a very playful dog around the ranch.
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