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Jaco, Kiwi, Punky, Punker'n
Nina form Norway

Jaco is a lovely African gray Parrot who shares her home with Kiwi a white Fronted Amazon and 2 cockatiels named Punky and Punker'n, and a dog named Turbo Turid.

Jaco is the 'wild' one always lot's of energy, she loves to go shopping and take car trips with me. She is a great talker as well..She really enjoy to bite me gently in the ear and then saying AU!!! and laughing. She loves chasing Punky and Punker'n, but they are to fast for her so she has to give up.:) Jaco is also a very photogenic bird, as is the rest of the flock. She loves to have her pictures taken. She has also been in our local newspaper several times.

Sometimes when Jaco is sitting calm in her tree... I can just look at her and say to her... How is it possible to love a parrot as much as I love you... Do you know how beautiful you are, how much love and fun you give, and how lucky I am to have you in my life. I will always take care of you and make sure you have the best life ever, my angel!! If she could replied to me she probably would have said -- Mum why do you have tears in you eyes??

Kiwi my White Fronted Amazon is the little parrot with the highest scream she is so proud of that so she uses it often for attention.:) She loves to be cuddled with and she also likes car trips and shopping... She is very unafraid and loves to explore new things... She makes lot's of funny whistling sounds... She doesn't speak yet. Some of Kiwi's pictures has also been posted in the newspaper... She is also very photogenic. And I love her very much.

Punky and Punker'n are 2 cockatiels who you can't pass without scratching their head. They are just crazy about it. They hate telephone sounds and cat's. Punky is in in love with Jaco even if he get chased he is not afraid of her. He comes back and back to be near her.:) They are very kind birds. And I love them also.

I know that am always gone be a parrot lover-cause am hooked on parrots!!

Their mum... Nina

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You Are Here »  Home  > Pet News  > Pet Stories  > Jaco, Kiwi, Punky and Punker'n
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