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The Three Cockatiels
Amy from Nebraska

Our household happily consits of four humans and three cockatiels. The birds -- Timmy, Rio, and Stewart -- keep our home lively and full of interesting conversation.

Timmy (short for Timaree, since "he" has now laid eggs) was our first bird, and she is nearly human, or so she thinks. She feels most confortable perched atop someone's shoulder and helps herself to human food, especially potato chips!

Rio was the second to arrive on the scene, and he is very laid back, happy to spend his time in the cage or wherever someone puts him. He's also quite a singer and has a slightly rearranged version of Happy Birthday to You in his repertoire. Rio endears himself to guests when he shows them how he can call for the kitty.

Stewart, the third to join our flock, came to us already knowing how to say, "Hello, Stewart,""Come here, Stewart," and "Shut-up, Stewart." Yes, that sugests a bit of Stewart's personality. He is the bully and the instigator, equivalent to a child in his terrible twos or in the throes of early adolescence, but we love every bit of him. He whistles the Andy Griffith Show theme song and has now created his own aria which we have affectionately titled Happy Birthday to Andy Griffith!

Whether singing a mixed-up song in the morning or snoozing on a human shoulder at night, cockatiels, we've learned, are the perfect pets!

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You Are Here »  Home  > Pet News  > Pet Stories  > The Three Cockatiels
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